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On Memorial Day, May 30, 2005, Camp No 14 rededicated the Traverse City Civil War Monument on its 115th anniversary Close to 1,000 patriots attended this gala event on this beautiful sunny day. All of the areas Veterans Groups were part of the Color Guard and the U.S. Coast Guard presented the Flag as a Coast Guard helicopter flew overhead. Senator Carl Levin gave the keynote address. Also represented were Senator Debbie Stabenow, State Senator Jason Allen, State Representative Howard Walker, County Commissioner President Wayne Schmidt(all served on Our Fund Raising Committee), Traverse City Mayor Lynda Smyka, National JVC-in-C, the Honorable James Pahl, DSVC Robert Grove along with a few other Department Members. The Northwinds Brass Band and the TC Christian Choir provided ample entertainment. After the Rededication, our Francis Finch Auxiliary No. 9 hosted a wonderful reception in The Grand Traverse County Building.

On August 31, 2005, Camp No 14 presented the County Commissioners with:

  • A check for $ 10,000 for a permanent Maintenance Fund for the Monument
  • A one of a kind casting of one of the Monument’s panels, enclosed in a Beautiful wooden frame with a gold plaque—to be hung in the Old County Court House near the Monument.

The Camp also requested permission to place an appropriate Plaque at the T.C. Cannon near the Monument that would give background information on the Cannon. The Grand Traverse County Commissioners granted that request, officially dismissed the Monument Restoration Committee with thanks and presented Robert Finch Camp No. 14 with a beautiful Plaque that represented their “2005 AWARD FOR EXCELLENCE”

On September 20,2005 an 18x14 inch cast aluminum plaque was placed at the foot of the Monument giving the date of the Rededication and thanking the students, citizens, businesses and organization of the Grand Traverse Region and naming six organization who made contributions of over $ 5,000 to this project—including the Robert Finch Camp No. 14

The other project that is almost completed is the plaque to be place at the TC Cannon on the Courthouse lawn next to the Civil War Monument. With the help of Department Civil War Memorials Officer Doug Armstrong and through the extensive research of Camp Commander Bill Skillman, we have discovered that our Cannon served on the USS Sabine during the Civil War and is the only one that survives from that ship. It was cast in 1862 at the West Point Foundry. We have pictures of the USS Sabine including one with its crew around our TC Cannon. We hope to present this Plaque to Grand Traverse County this Spring or Summer. the last $1,180.00 of our Monument Fund Raising will be used to pay for this Plaque.


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