Bartlett - Established 1884 in New York City


Camp Activities



By the end of the year, our roster had increased by one new associate; however we suffered the loss of past camp commander Clint Kennard. Brother Clint passed away on December 10th. He was our oldest member at 96 years, and our longest in time of service at 31 years. Clint was one of the 8 members who had moved from grand rapids to traverse city in 1988. This leaves brother Clarence Rabach at age 93 and 30 years of service as our only member left from that group.

The year was highlighted by four civil war gravestone dedications. The first was on may 31st for Alfonso Brooks in Brooks Cemetery in Emmet County. The cemetery had been abandoned, but was discovered by the Emmet County Genealogy Society who requested this ceremony. On June 21st, we did two gravestone dedications for our auxiliary member Jane Prebble. The first was for her great, great grandfather George Hayner in sunset cemetery in East Jordan, and then in the afternoon, we did one for other great, great grandfather Newton Balch in Brookside Cemetery in Charlevoix. Many family descendents were present at both of these ceremonies.

On October 17th, we dedicated the gravestone of John P. Sinclair in Oakwood Cemetery in Traverse City. Sinclair was a Sergeant in Battery C of the 1st Michigan Light Artillery. This unit is remembered by reenactors from Battle Creek known as Robinson’s Battery. They had discovered Sinclair’s unmarked grave site and placed a gravestone there. This ceremony was conducted with the Robinson’s Battery and their cannon was used in the three gun salute. Under the direction of grave registration officers Tom Jenkins and Jim Slis, much work was accomplished in this area.

As usual, our camp was represented in several communities for Memorial Day ceremonies, and we also participated in Flag Day services, POW/MIA services, and veteran day ceremonies as well as the Grand Rraverse Heritage Days. Our camp also attended the Charlevoix County Genealogy Society Research & Open House. We had 7 delegates and 3 past camp commanders attend the Department Encampment where we were very proud to accept the Abraham Lincoln Certificate of Appreciation that was awarded posthumously to civil war memorial officer Fred Knoodle. We framed this award and presented it to Fred’s wife and family at our September camp meeting. Senior vice Commander Dale Aurand represented us at the National Encampment in Louisville, Kentucky. We also mended our by laws to comply with the national and department in including associate juniors.


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