Bartlett - Established 1884 in New York City

Civil War Arch

Memorial Lakeview Cemetery

Harbor Springs, Michigan

Notation on Arch, located near the Civil War Cannon in Lakeview Cemetery:

I.B. Richardson

G.A.R. 1861-1865

Post 13 W.R.C. 138

Information below provided by Darrell Smith, Harbor Springs American Legion Post, May, 2002

25-30 years ago the arch was rebuilt and I.B. Richardson's remains were put in the right hand column of arch.
Note G.A.R. flag at the right column)
20-30 years ago Post 13 and W.R.C. Post disbanded.

Arch Memorial

Arch Memorial

Although the headstones pictured below aren't memorials, we thought they were interesting. The third marker from the left and the 3rd marker from the right are Civil War (GAR) graves. The rest are from the Spanish American War. The graves are not in the main part of the cemetery but are off to the side near the road. Further research is needed.

GAR Graves

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